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We believe everyone should access quality healthcare regardless of their income and we’re committed to provide the healthcare they deserve.

Our Partners

Why MaishaPoa?

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We create simple insurance products that can be understood by the informal sector.

We have invested heavily in Human-Centred Research & Design in order to create solutions that resonate with you.


Our products are affordable and allow customers to pay in instalments for insurance premium.

The mzalendo cover is our revolutionary cover that ensures everyone has access to quality health services at an affordable rate. Mzalendo is not only affordable but gives you access to both your local health center & the big hospitals with multiple benefits.

Mfanisi is perfect for SMEs that care about their employee welfare by providing access to primary healthcare for staff and their families. It provides for medical and surgical expenses reasonably incurred as a direct result of their sustaining accidental bodily injury and/or illness and/or a disease within the period of insurance.

Our Work

Client Cases

MaishaPoa has a special focus on designing and distributing various micro-insurance products targeting Kenya’s blue-collar workers segment.

eWAKA Cover For Delivery Riders

We’re happy to partner with eWAKA Mobility Limited to provide affordable medical cover for their riders as they’re for looking into the well- being of both riders and their families.

Community Health Promoters Training

Our community health promoters are at the core of medical insurance delivery, especially at the “mashinani” level. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to upskill our team on a regular basis.

Medical Cover For Mama Fua

We’re privileged to work with MamafuaApp & Fortune Credit to help formalize the mamafua community with a laundromatt model that will boost and diversify their income.

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Get Your Cover For As Little as 100/- Bob Daily

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. We promise to be responsive to all Member queries. Caring for and respecting customers is core to everything we do.